Assurance and Quality Control

Mubarrad has a well-established Quality Assurance System to ensure that all it's internal processes are managed efficiently. It also has a stringent Quality Control System in place to ensure desired quality of the products and services, to ultimately ensure customer satisfaction.

Health, Safety and Environment

Mubarrad has implemented a documented HSE System and is strictly complying with all these HSE requirements. We are committed to providing a safe work environment for its employees and is totally committed to provide a pollution free environment. In fulfilling this commitment, we are strictly complying with a all regulatory requirements including Kuwait EPA regulations . Our goal is to demonstrate continual improvement in the HSE System as we strive to identify and eliminate Safety hazards and risks and environmental aspects and impacts which could result in Health & Safety Incidents, damage to the environment and damage to property

We believe that excellent performance in the areas of health, safety and environment goes hand-in-hand with operational excellence and financial success. 

Incident prevention is the direct responsibility of all line managers and employees alike. Accidental loss can be mitigated through good management practices in combination with active employee involvement. We are dedicated to preventing all environmental, health, safety, and security incidents and we believe our employees, customers, and contractors deserve incident free performance.