About Us

  • Mubarrad Holding Company has been established on the 06th of March 1996.
  • The company was listed on Kuwait Stock Exchange on the 06th of July 2007.
  • Company's Capital: __________

The purposes of the company are

  • Management of its subsidiaries or participate in the management of the other companies contributing to it, providing the necessary support to them.
  • Investing its funds in trading in shares, bonds and other securities.
  • Owning the real estate and movables necessary to start its activities within the limits allowed by law.
  • Financing or lending to companies in which the company own shares, guaranteeing them to others, in which case the participation rate of the holding company in the capital of the borrowing company shall not be less than twenty percent.
  • Acquiring intellectual property rights from patents, trademarks, industrial models, franchisees and other moral rights, exploiting and renting them to its subsidiaries or to others, both inside and outside the State of Kuwait.

The Company, in practicing its business, is committed to the principles of Islamic Shari'a.
The company has established several subsidiaries and associates with various purposes.